In 1994, Pressto was established to fulfill one specific need: to provide high-quality dry cleaning to the most sophisticated clientele of Madrid. Located in the cultural heart of Spain, we polished and tailored the lavish wardrobes of Spain’s leading fashion-forward cohorts. Within two years, we received awards from notable institutions who recognized our impressive work, including first in “Best Franchise” concept by Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” and “Franquicias Hoy,” and an Oscar by “Ideas y Negocios” magazine. Inspired by our surging popularity in Spain, we established our first international branch in 1997 in Mexico. We have since then expanded to a number of countries throughout Latin American, including Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama. Recently, the Pressto team has also developed a presence in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. Our global business relies on the marriage of two main values: quality care with world-class strategy. We scope worldwide for our next location, ensuring that each franchise is comprised of the most skilled team members. All members must undergo the same rigorous training that we provide in our original Madrid store, to ensure that no matter how far our company has reached, our services do not recede. Every one of our services have the original Pressto touch that our clients have all come to know and love. Over the years, we have handled over XXX luxury pieces in over five continents and will continue to do so for the coming years.